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7 Year Update

PostPosted: November 4th, 2014, 1:05 pm
by cdc
Just wanted to check in and let everyone here know that all is great! My symptoms haven't changed much. I do twitch less but everything else is the same although they have become background noise in my life. I have been meaning to come on here and provide an update but I've just been busy with life. Also, quite honestly, I don't think about it anymore. It seems odd to say because I never thought I would ever get passed this mess. I thought I was different and that I would be the exception. I won't waste time rehasing my symptoms. Please read my history. Just know that I am just like you and I am still here 7 years later. Life is great again and I am enjoying it!

My advice - listen to the docs, stay off the internet and move on......physically, mentally and emotionally. Eat right, gets plenty of rest, drink lots of water and excercise. I quit excercsing (I thought this might of caused my symptoms) about 7-8 months after this stuff started for me. I let myself go physically for about 3 years. I wished I hadn't!

Right now your mind is convincing you that you have a dreaded disease your body isn't.

PM me if you have any questions.

Re: 7 Year Update

PostPosted: November 4th, 2014, 4:24 pm
by emmie.s
Awesome post, thanks for updating. I hope that the new members here take note, and take your advice.