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Twitching has started again...

PostPosted: May 25th, 2014, 9:37 am
by coldmolasses
Hey guys,
I visited here a few years ago with symptoms of twitching in my calves. I visited the doctor but he didn't seem too worried. I received a PM at the time from a member telling me I was too young to have it, stop researching, etc... I took his advice and within a couple of weeks the twitching went away. (Male, ~30 y.o.)

About a week ago I started noticing the arch of my left foot twitching. Also my feet in general seem a little stiff. I can explain the twitching and stiffness around the time it had started but not sure why it would last longer. I am obviously concerned again about ALS. The thing is though, the twitching is concentrated on my left arch. I notice some stiffness in my left foot as well. But I also am getting some twitches in my left/right calves, my left forearm, my right shin, etc..

My question is, when ALS starts, does it have a general onset of working its way through the body or would the twitches be random? My twitches seem random right now. I am just really concerned with this whole ALS thing again to the point I seem to sit down, take off my socks and just see if I can watch the twitches. This has become borderline obsessive. I am not noticing any weakness either. Perhaps it is nothing, just looking for some advice to get through this whole ALS slump I am in again.

Not quiet sure what I expect to get out of this though. I mean I've ready the FAQs and what not, just looking for support I guess.


Re: Twitching has started again...

PostPosted: May 25th, 2014, 12:38 pm
by ShawnW
Sounds like everyone else here. The vast majority of cases don't start with twitching as you already know. The very few that do tend to be isolated in one portion of the body. If you play with the math, young guy with only weakness. If you can't stand on your toes and walk on your heels in all likelihood you are ok.

Re: Twitching has started again...

PostPosted: May 25th, 2014, 4:58 pm
by RGB
The probability this is sinister is incredibly low for the reasons that ShaunW has already mentioned.

It's even lower than even that (!) when you also consider the information that you have concerns about ALS and fasciculations that both date back a few years. They were benign then and they are almost* certainly benign now.


* and I'm using the word 'almost' in the sense of 99.9%