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What is the pattern of YOUR BFS.

PostPosted: January 21st, 2014, 6:07 pm
by Gamindsoc1509
Hey all... Hope everyone is well here. I've been working through my fears quite well and am functioning fine. Getting married in 10 days which is exciting :)

I made a deal with myself to see a neuro at the 8 month mark for a second follow up and a final conclusion to this saga. That will remove any lingering doubts for me and I am happy with that.

I wanted to ask and this is out of curiosity. What pattern does your BFS take? We talk about all these things being normal but I think it's often hard to understand how other peoples BFS feels compared to yours? Has it changed?

For example here is my BFS.

I get body wide twitches. These are always the same, they happen maybe 10 to 100 times a day. They can be a single flutter or a few twitches and they go away when I move the muscle. They can often return to a spot after moving and repeat like this for a few mins. This is the base of my BFS. The muscles are irrelevant, they change everyday. Every day is like this.

The second part are my twitches I do not feel. These are currently 24/7 in my feet and now seem to be happening in my calves. These might not be part of BFS however, or they may be only exacerbated by BFS. I would never have noticed them before and I have now found them in others to milder extents than me. I'll only see these properly if I cast a shadows over the area.

The third part is hot spots. When BFS started it was very general and just body wide. For the last month or two however, hot spots are now in play. These are too hugely varied to describe. It can be a lip twitch that can't be seen but is really fine and will go for 5mins every day. It can be really wierd ones in my thumb where the muscle sinks in and it hits in 5 second waves and comes back every 5mins. It can be in my bum and be trigged by a stretch or a position, etc. These ones vary wildly, come and go and are always different.

The other part of my BFS is a wierd reaction by my muscles sometimes. These can be little cramp or spasm feelings... toes feeling tight or wierd... Muscles feeling a bit strange.
This part above however might not be BFS, it might just be anxiety and sensitivity. I can't tell as it's all a little wishy washy and in a doctors office it is flaky enough that it would most likely be dismissed.

So... What about you?! :)

Re: What is the pattern of YOUR BFS.

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2014, 10:55 am
by Rothhaar
Hi Gamindsoc,

except for your second point ("twitches you don't feel") my pattern is more or less the same: body wide twitches, hot spots, cramp-like feelings, tightness ... plus: buzzing, humming and vibrating, occasional numbness in some fingers during the night, dull muscle pain etc.

And nobody has an idea what the causes for all this *beep* are.