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WRIST ATROPHY and thenar

PostPosted: January 10th, 2014, 10:49 am
by leaflea
Hi everyone. I am writing this post as my contribution to the board for any future members who search these words here in this search engine or maybe any other search engine. For several months I have been absolutely CONVINCED I have atrophy in my wrists, more pronounced in one wrist. I was especially fearful of this because of things I read on the forbidden ALS forum before finding this one. Two posters there talked about and described exactly the way my wrist looks - one described her husband with ALS as having an "indentation where the watchband would be" (she was assuming it was atrophy but no doctor had pointed this out as an example of it) and another who had not yet been diagnosed with ALS was convinced she had very rapid progression, said she had no reason to live and was going to try to find a doctor to prescribe her some barbituates so she could choose to end her life when she no longer had control of it. She still had fully functioning hands as do I. These posts I read there were depressing and a reason I decided to stop reading anything there because frankly, without a diagnosis, the woman sounded crazy and I was letting her depress me. Besides my twitching, this was my other sign/symptom that freaked me out the most and confirmed in my mind that I really did have the dreaded disease. I had my neuro exam two days ago. The neurologist was utterly unimpressed with my wrists and I had been so anxious about showing them to him, afraid of what his reaction would be when he saw them, imagining the moment I knew forsure. He had a nice manner about him but said "no, there is no atrophy there, there is almost no muscle there to atrophy" and he explained the atrophy would start in the forearm underside near the elbow. He used to work in an ALS clinic and said he has seen hundreds of ALS patients. I had also been told this by an ER doctor where I work. Both agree my forearm looks a little swollen giving the appearance of skinny wrists, and the reason for this is unknown, but definitely no atrophy as THERE REALLY IS NO SUCH THING AS WRIST ATROPHY. This is why if you google for images of it, nothing turns up except pictures of hands, not wrists. I was also becoming convinced my thenar was becoming atrophied, was aching, and twitching alot. He took a very careful look at my thenar from many angles and flexed in many degrees and smiled and said "you do not have any atrophy there." So, I am greatly relieved and hope anyone else who has these fears will be able to relax now. I am really working hard on my anxiety and putting all of this into the background of my life so may be checking in a little less now but feel free to e-mail or pm me.