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This is how my Twitching started - share your story

PostPosted: January 7th, 2014, 3:04 pm
by Tiredofbfs
Hello all,

After a year of twitching and after the cycle of hell I put myself through I now have enough courage to share my story and give support to anyone going through this horrible yet harmless disorder. I thank this board for answering all my questions regarding BFS and those who were willing to go that extra mile in order to convince me that I do not have anything sinister not to mention those who did not mind addressing even my most dumb questions.

this is how my twitching started - One day after suffering series of panic attacks due to my hypochondria, I was sitting in my office watching YouTube videos to entertain myself I came across muscle twitching and how it is related to ALS. Of course when I first watched the movie I had no freaking clue what is twitching nor ALS. Lucky me to satisfy my curiosity I went to google and looked up ALS and twitching. After I educated myself I moved on. two days later, I started having leg pains, I could not walk on my two legs. they were very sore, tight in particular my calves. I remembered ALS video and I started looking for twitching in my calves and guess what? after carefully investigating my calves I saw the twitches. The nightmare started. my twitches were only in calves but a week later has spread out to my entire body. I started noticing atrophy, weakness etc... I used to have a measure tape in my pocket to measure my calves and see if they shrink.

I believe my twitches are 100% induced by my brain ND The fact that my brain had interpreted ALS and twitches in wrong way. had I never looked this video and saw the twitches/ALS I would never have looked my calves. and if I had not looked my calves for twitching my twitching would not have spread all over.

I believe that your body has so much energy and if you don't let it out it can harm you. another word, if you feel you are always stressed, panicking and having negative thoughts I suggest that you switch your brain to a more better state. I spend one hour of the day looking for atrophy in my thighs now because this is where most of twitching occur and I tend to see them and go back to the same cycle of testing them to make sure they are not weak but I am tried of all this.

and for those who come on here and ask other if they have something sinister, I tell you one thing:

"The fact you are on this board, implies that you ONLY and ONLY have Benign condition"

symptoms are real. I suffered from exercise intolerance, weak feeling in both of my legs, I had a weak grip, I could not hold my cell phone for too long before my hand start acting up, I dropped so many things, I even thought I had a foot drop. my imagination of foot drop was so real, every step I took I thought about foot drop, all of this is real but this reality can fade away if you are willing to accept that what you have is a benign condition.

stop looking for answers, stop focusing on your body stop reading about it. what you have is what I have and what everyone on this board have.

I have been to 4 different neurologist with 5 different emg performed and many clinical exam all of which revealed nothing. if a doctor offer me another EMG I would take it again only to help me heal faster.

AS You have seen in my case, my twitches started after mistakenly watching ALS and curiously looking up the word and saw twitching as a symptom, then looked to see if I had which I had and probably every healthy individual have some sort of twitching in their calves but my brain miss processed the information, it made my symptom worse.

I now can consider myself 70% healed but I need more. I believe that 30% will come after my last neuro visit which is scheduled in Feb on the mark of my 1 year symptom. if this turn out to be clean which it will then my neurologist will officially clear me out. he already cleared me out from ALS but he wanted to clear me out from other possible neurological disorder.

I hope you enjoyed my story and look forward to hearing other stories

Re: This is how my Twitching started - share your story

PostPosted: January 7th, 2014, 3:12 pm
by veryworried123
thanks for the post

Re: This is how my Twitching started - share your story

PostPosted: January 7th, 2014, 11:42 pm
by acdcrocks0323
This is a fantastic post! It really mimics what I am going through currently. Every story or symptom I read online turned into a new symptom I was experiencing and they were all vague. Started seeing atrophy and feeling weak and self testing every 5 minutes and being convinced I would be in a wheelchair in a year. I am still dealing with it, but in this moment I feel like there is some peace. No EMG here, though. Can't afford it at the moment, even for some much needed peace of mind.

Re: This is how my Twitching started - share your story

PostPosted: January 8th, 2014, 3:43 pm
by Labrie
This story is exactly like my story. There are only two differences, you have had five EMG, I've only had one;) and I took two years

Re: This is how my Twitching started - share your story

PostPosted: January 8th, 2014, 10:06 pm
by Tiredofbfs
believe me our brain has so much power that precieved weakness can become a clinical one. I spent hours each day looking for atrophy, investigating every dent, comparing both sides, measuring both sides to make sure they are similaire. My legs and thighs were the most affected area, felt very stiff at the begining and could barely walk without tremendous amount of pain and legs take so much stress because it supports our body weight so you can imagine with that how much pain I had. then i started obsessing about foot drop you can actually see my post and read what I was describing. my foot drop was so real that I had to lift my knee higher so my toe dont hit the ground but in fact they were not hitting the ground it was my brain hitting me hard.
I noticed that you both are new to this forum, I suggest that you read people post and see that most of these post are repetitive and when you get bored it is time for you to move on. I am a pharmacist I do so many research in oncology and I meet some neurologist. these bright doctors tell me that this *** is very very very rare and some medical school stopped teaching the students about it. the sad part is that not many research has been done in neurology because they dont understand *** .

It has been 1 year of my twitching and symptoms. my symptom is fading slowly def got better from frit time i join this site again read my posts and my symptom of weakness fooot dro etc comes back only when i start looking at my body again and investigate the dent in my thighs.

I hope this post can help you through