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Silly concerns about day to day things.

PostPosted: December 30th, 2013, 9:18 pm
by Arkansan
So for the past week or so my twitches have come back, the tremor is still there but the twitches are certainly back. I have been handling it better this time but their return has brought the old ALS fear up in the back of the mind. I now find my self worrying about things in my environment that could cause it.

For instance today I was at a friends and opened a box of very old miniature figures he wanted to show me. Now I am concerned about lead exposure even though I merely opened the box and did not handle the figures. All this fear over something so simple because I once read a study linking ALS with increased lead levels in the body. I didn't have any soap on hand but I did rinse my hands in the sink, but I am still sitting here worrying about this. Now rationally I can say I am being silly, but is still there.

Does any body else find themselves worrying about this kind of random stuff when the fear flares up? How do you deal with it?

Re: Silly concerns about day to day things.

PostPosted: December 30th, 2013, 11:13 pm
by Yuliasir
Well, such not wery rational worries are definitely a sign of brain shortcut, which is common for stress reaction (sorry for repeating that many times).
Becasue even if the figurines are made of lead, yu definitely are both adult enough not to take them for candies, otherwise they are safe for play and especially for just merely looking on them. Solid lead, especially covered with laquers, without contqct to your food or saliva, can not poison you.

Most probably you either did not slept well, or had some other worries, or eat shomething which you should not. But definitely not lead figurines, otherwise all oldtime hunters should be poisoned for example as they are dealing with the lead. And sometimes twitches come back without clear reason.