Anyone on here experienced in nocturnal seizures?

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Anyone on here experienced in nocturnal seizures?

Postby Tb12 on June 3rd, 2013, 12:04 pm

Hi guys,

I am sure some of you that have not been diagnosed try and piece all your symptoms together to get a answer to a diagnosis. Well I was having a think about my first sign of symptoms and my current symptoms and thought maybe I was missing a big piece of the puzzle.

My symptoms started one night in my sleep I woke up to jerking limbs, weird throat issues and a severe belt of all over muscle twitches..I didn't just start having a few a day then progress to all over this was like something attacked my body that night in my sleep. Now in my sleep I am also biting my tongue and my cheek and I am waking to tremoring limbs, or a contorsioned face mainly weird lip placing, and a noise I am making with my throat, my shoulders feel like they have been pulled out the socket most mornings and my feet feel like they have been stiff in one position all night, and most of my twitches are worse as soon as I wake or during awakening during sleep at night...and I got to thinking maybe this is a sleep disorder or seizure disorder? And the twitches have stayed with me after my first initial seizure or sleep disturbance, I could be grasping at straws but a lot of reading I did suggested that jerks, twithing etc is seizure symptoms. This all started after I went cold turkey off a lovan antidepressant medication and at the same time went cold turkey off aspartame which I was consuming a lot a day through Pepsi max. Anyone have any experience with seizures or find out it was linked to there symptoms?
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Re: Anyone on here experienced in nocturnal seizures?

Postby mwagner on June 3rd, 2013, 12:45 pm

Not sure if you have seen a doctor, but I would if I were you. My twitching has woken me up at night before, and I know it does for many on here. Also, night jerks are very common on here. But, it would be good for you to get checked out.

No one should ever quit antidepressants cold turkey. I would really venture to say you're having some terrible withdrawal symptoms. Aspartame shouldn't cause withdrawals, but good for you for stopping it. It's nasty stuff.

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Re: Anyone on here experienced in nocturnal seizures?

Postby SuziQ on June 4th, 2013, 7:38 am

Definitely going cold turkey off an anti-depressant can cause seizure activity. My mother-in-law had seizures and a psychotic episode when she stopped her meds abruptly.

BFS is known to cause some really severe sleep jerks and disturbances, but yours sounds like an exceptionally bad case.

I have had the throat issues, where I will actually seem to "release" a sort of groaning sound and wake myself up. I also used to suffer terribly with myoclonic jerks, sleep starts and even apneic episodes. I know that restless leg syndrome can also attack the whole body at night.

I agree that you should see your doctor for further evaluation, not because your symptoms seem concerning for anything sinister, but because you need to be able to sleep soundly in order to function.

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Re: Anyone on here experienced in nocturnal seizures?



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