Revisiting the Anxiety Link (Part Deux)

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Revisiting the Anxiety Link (Part Deux)

Postby BFSBurger on January 29th, 2013, 9:23 am

Always a learning process. Some new thoughts on this I wanted to share.

First off, I am going to start using the term Physical Therapy. I am calling it physical therapy now because physical therapy is extremely different from "WORKING OUT" or "GOING TO THE GYM" or "EXERCISE". Physical therapy involves slow, methodical, tracked, movements that are intended to accomplish a very specific goal for healing purposes. I have noticed that when I stop my Physical Therapy lately, I start to degrade. I have kept up with the juicing but when I take a week or week and a half off without 2 or 3 physical therapy sessions, my body starts to go back down the same path. For example, as of today I havent done physical therapy in 6 days, and last night was pretty bad. My body seems to increase in stress / tension / anxiety manifesting symptoms even though I as a person am *not* anxious at all. All these previous problems mentioned start to come back. Last night was waking up 100x times gasping for breath. Vivid nightmares that someone was trying to kill me. And when I finally got up in the morning - I could not exhale. That's a new one. Literally could not exhale past the top half of my lungs. Wouldn't come out. I could only inhale short and exhale very short Yet I was completely calm, minus the bad dreams. I looked this up and - there it is again - its heavily tied to "anxiety". I dont have anxiety. At all. I am completely fine. But whatever this is - is creating anxiety related symptoms in a calm individual.

Everyone tells you that you're just upsetting yourself. And BFS is "stress induced". Well I am convinced something else is inducing our stress. Does that make sense? I don't know if its a virus or a cellular dysfunction. But I can be completely calm like this and be manifesting symptoms of a total freak of nature, when I am not one. :) There's something else at play here. My body without physical therapy basically degrades back to behaving like its dealing with a person who has major anxiety problems, even though the "person" involved is mentally and emotionally happy and calm. I really think whatever is doing this - directly affects our stress centers. And I dont know that we are 100% to blame for it. Here I am having symptoms of people who have major disorders, whether it be ALS or Narcolepsy - yet I dont have ALS or Narcolepsy. I have a twitch like Michael J Fox with Parkinsons, yet I dont have Parkinsons. I had burning and tingling in my foot and pain like MS people, yet I don't have MS. I had burning pain and aching in my thigh muscles like someone with severe muscle damage, yet I don't have myopathy. That means all of the disease causing factors are not there. So something is causing stress on my body without my knowledge or approval, or involvement. I don't have those diseases. But something is mimicking the *symptoms*. Something is wreaking havoc on the things which affect these symptoms.

Now obviously - you can quadruple them by actually *having* a stress reaction to something. By actually *getting* yourself worked up. I found out a couple weeks ago that I can take this - whatever it is - and compound it very easily with minor self-induced stress. Self induce a major stress reaction, and you will regret it big time. And not only that, I realized that it doesn't stop after I do. If I instigate a stress reaction, it seems to keep going, against my will. For hours, even days. And even after my body calms down, the residual symptoms remain. The only thing that is helping? Physical Therapy. Light, whole body resistance exercise. Every muscle group.

*NOT* pushing 3 plates on bench press while screaming like a Gorilla.
*NOT* running 10 miles a day.
*NOT* doing squats so heavy your Sphincter splits in half.

Physical Therapy. With one goal: relief of tension and stress in *body tissues*. in muscles. In tendons. In nerves. A little resistance training on every muscle group and very minor cardio with DEEP BREATHING, will cause this calming reaction. I am not talking about "MAN I WORKED OUT SO HARD YESTERDAY I AM SO SORE!" ..... do that and you'll regret it. When you are inactive for many days / weeks, whatever is inside us begins to create tension and stress behaviors in our muscles, our tissues, our nerves, our brains. Maybe its just inflammation. I have no idea. But it needs to be countered. You may think you're fine emotionally and mentally, but your body is also physical. And the physical side of you needs stress relief from this monster that is inducing stress levels in us. You need to be calmed on the physical, tangible level. Physical Therapy is the ONLY thing that can do this. Juicing facilitates mitochondrial and cellular support on the cellular level. Physical Activity actually creates *new* mitochondria, reduces inflammation, and calms the physical body itself. Including your brain. No drug on earth can do it as well.

I don't like that I feel like im teetering on the edge of something horrible and I must exercise just to stay normal. I hate that feeling. It makes me feel broken and damaged and .... thank God im not 75 right now because maybe i'd be dead in a week. I can only hope that if I keep with the juicing and the physical therapy, I will at some point tilt things to the positive "flow" on their own ... and healing will start to occur.

How I resolved my BFS within 1 year of onset:

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Revisiting the Anxiety Link (Part Deux)



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