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Thank You to the AboutBFS contributors!

PostPosted: January 26th, 2013, 2:39 pm
by Higdawg
Hello All,

Just wanted to extend my profound thanks to all that have conrtibuted to this site and these forums in a positive way. The peace of mind that you have helped provide to some very scared people (myself included) is a tremendous gift. It was so comforting to find posts from people who are having remarkably similar experiences to my own.
My experience is identical to many already posted, so I'll be brief.....
A few days after Thanksgiving I experienced persistant twitching in my left shoulder. When it continued into the next morning I consulted WebMDs symptom checker, which of course listed MS or A%S as the likely culprits. Boom! Anxiety hits...twitches spread...left arm starts feeling fatigued followed by an even more fatigued leg. My blood tests revealed nothing abnormal, so I was referred to a neurologist. Now the anxiety and panic has become all consuming. A week later the neurologist does a physical exam and says I'm good to go. Of course, I'm not convinced....the anxiety is still overwhelming. I had an MRI in mid December which came back normal...and yet I STILL can't get off the viscious cycle that anxiety/self doubt creates. Had an EMG 2 days ago which again, came back clean and has allowed me to finally feel absolutely confident that I am OK.
If you are new to these symptoms and this experience, there was one aspect of this that was truly surprising to me. I have always been very healthy...allergic to nothing, no family history of anything, rarely get sick or even a when these symptoms hit, it felt very out of the ordinary and scary. What has been shocking to me is how much of a role your brain plays in this condition. The moment I KNEW that I was OK, the constant self evaluating stopped and my symptoms almost immediately improved. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself KNOW that you will be OK and you will start to BE OK.
Thank you so much to the folks on this site, The day I decided to look online at reasons why I was OK instead of reasons I was in big trouble, was the day I found you all. In finding you, I found a measure of comfort which can not be recipricated or overstated. THANK YOU!