Just spent the last half hour reading about CFS/FMS

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Just spent the last half hour reading about CFS/FMS

Postby amy_twitch on June 25th, 2004, 4:00 pm

Hi everyone....has anyone here discussed the possibility of Chronic Fatigue Syndrom or Fibromyalgia with their docs or neuros?

I just entered the phrase "chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle twitching" into my web browser and came up with lots of good sites to read.

Each site I visited listed a vast majority of our symptoms....with visible muscle twitching being a very prominent symptoms of both disorders (which some experts choose to group into one).

I am following up with my neuro next Wednesday (for some reassurance about past testing and new symptoms)....and I'm going to discuss this with her. I'm also going to talk to my GP about it.

I don't want to re-list everything I read about....but heck, it sounds so much like we could all lump ourselves right into any CFS/FMS discussion. I'd say I have had a MINIMUM of 90% of the symptoms listed on these sites over the past 8 months.

It's just VERY refreshing to search on the web and so easily align myself with anything other than sites that talk about ALS.

I'm curious to know who here has discussed these conditions with their doctors. If you haven't read about this stuff already, I highly recommend doing the search I listed above.

Have a good day all!
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Postby garym on June 25th, 2004, 4:26 pm


If you really think you may have FM you should see a rheumy. That is who will make that dx. I saw one early on in this process, and he did dx FM. He told me that twitching was not a part of FM and said to see my neuro, but I did meet all the criteria for FM. He also gave me a bunch of lit. on FM, and interestingly enough, none mentioned twitching. After getting that dx, I did a lot of internet searching about FM and found a lot of info that did mention twitching as a sx. So I guess it depends on who you talk to whether twitching is a part of FM. According to the national assoc. of rheumy's (or something like that, whoever put at the info the dr. gave me), twitching is not a listed sx of FM.

Good luck with your search,

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I am starting to think...

Postby SLL on June 25th, 2004, 5:38 pm

about seeing a rheumy as well.... Fibromyalgia seems to include most of my symptoms, too...I will have a follow up with a new neuro at Cornell ( we are moving this week from San Fran to NYC - can you say stressful??!) and will start up with the new neuro there in August...since my ALS fears are done with 2 emgs in the last month that are both clean and included arm, leg and bulbar, I think I may have something along the lines of that. Not neurological
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I am starting to think...



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