Extremely intresting?

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Extremely intresting?

Postby german on December 19th, 2012, 2:24 pm

I read this while searching the net. I have read up on this Dr and he is very interesting( though now retired).

His treatment is around 80X more successful than corrective surgery and steroid injections. Here isa quote from one of his patients below.

"After months of searching and reading, I learned about the work of John Sarno, M.D., a professor of rehabilitative medicine at New York University, who was also trying to determine the correct diagnosis. He too was disappointed with the failure of common treatments and realized the need for a new understanding.

As he looked deeper into the medical histories of his patients, Dr. Sarno discovered something that is often neglected by medical professionals. He noticed that 88 percent of his patients had histories of disorders such as migraine headaches, colitis, stomach ulcers, hay fever, asthma, eczema, and high blood pressure. These disorders were strongly suspected of being caused by chronic repressed anger, anxiety, worries, frustrations, stress, and tension. Dr. Sarno wondered whether, in the same way that chronic anger, anxiety, worries, and frustrations can cause physiological changes leading to these illnesses, back pain could also be a physical manifestation of negative emotions.

So he put this new diagnosis to work and began treating his patients accordingly. At first the majority of his patients felt there was not enough stress and tension in their lives to cause their pain. Many of them believed that they were handling their teenage children, problems at work, and marital problems effectively. They didn’t realize that these difficult situations were creating a great deal of anger and rage, internally causing pain in various parts of their bodies.

Once Dr. Sarno treated back patients for this new diagnosis and not for some structural abnormality, his patients began to recover. In fact, 98 percent of his patients with confirmed cases of herniated discs recovered without surgery—certainly a much better result than the 1 percent success rate experienced with surgery."

This might sound crazy and i'm not an advocate for this guy but I was just talking about the broad range of SX most of us experience with a friend last night. No BS, there are literally thousands of testimonials from this guys patients. He's been on 20/20, dateline, Howard Stern( healed patient) and a bunch of other investigative programs. Not only has no one debunked him, he is actually being proven correct.

I know a lot of us might not have back pain "per se" but the symptoms list prior to bfs is what got me. What got me even more was talking to some people on this other forum and finding out that their SX are like fibro, bfs folks. It seems we all kinda feel very similar stuff but our chief complaint can differ.

Food for thought
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Extremely intresting?



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