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self education info post

PostPosted: December 3rd, 2012, 3:13 am
by Yuliasir
Dear fellows,
online educational portal Coursera just started 5 weeks course called Drugs and Brain.
the biggest advantages are as follows: this course is provided by Caltech professor (so the info would be as most weighted and reliable as possible), and it is free of charge, and you may join anytime from dec 1 to listen lectures and take quizes.
basic requirements are very mild so if you have any colledge level of chemistry or biology, or even gust general idea about main chemical and biological principles, it's OK.

Among other issues it would be explained a nature of diseases like ALS and PD (at least it was mentioned briefly in the introductory lecture), and also we will know a lot about how drugs like SSRI act (and why thay act in such a way, including bloody three weeks blackout at the beginning of treatment).

I personally take this course and I hope some of you might found this helpful. It is NOT a medical degree course, and you can not prescribe any drug to anyone and even to yourself on the basis of taking the course:) but I think understanding of how the pill you take is working, and what the hell are the channels in the neurons, and how the neurons itself operate in our body might be beneficial, at least for part of the community.

If interested, please go here

and join a bunch of people in modern online self-education (in the best meaning of the word).