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My I recommend a book....?

Postby amy_twitch on June 22nd, 2004, 11:35 am

After my diagnosis of BFS by my first neuro, I saw a psychiatrist for the span of one month, and he gave me a book to read to better understand (and convince me) that I DO have anxiety. This book is terrific, and it is a quick read.

The book is called "The Anxiety Disease" by David Sheehan MD

I notice a LOT of people on here posting fears about throat sensations and awkward sensations in the limbs (I have these limb sensations too) left side feels heavier and a little less coordinated than my right...but of course, this is probably perceived).

This book describes how these are very common symptoms of anxiety. I keep seeing a trend where almost all of us have taken (or are still taking) some type of anti-anxiety meds....but have we all taken the time to be well-read about anxiety, instead of just suffering from it?

This is the one and only book I've read thus far on anxiety....and it's definitely helped me. I had my first anxiety attack (ended up in the ER) a year ago....shortly before my twitching began. I had just a couple more anxiety attacks in the next months, but since reading the book, I can recognize symptoms of an attack possibly coming on and essentially use my knowledge to talk myself out of it. Anxiety builds upon itself until you're overwhelmed....but if you can step in and recognize it quickly, you can gain some control back.

I wish the book addressed muscle twitchng, but it doesn't. It was written a long time ago, but the psych I saw said it was still one of his best resources for his patients.

It's worth checking out....not for BFS....but for anxiety in general. I would have stayed in complete denial about having anxiety until I read this book.

While the two go hand-in-hand, I think a lot of us on this board need to focus more on our anxiety (me included) than on our BFS. The former is the one that is causing the most havoc in our lives. Just some food for thought...

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Postby puggriffey on June 22nd, 2004, 12:36 pm

I read this book and it was quite good. Anything you can do to better educate yourself on stress/anxiety (in all of its various forms/fashions) is going to take the guesswork out of this whole thing we are experiencing.

Isn't it odd how eager we all are to go check out ALS sites, or Web MD, or whatever to fill ourselves in on every major, awful illness out there, but even when we are prompted by scores of people to go check out a stress/anxiety site or two (or a book), very few of us ever do? Looking back on my ordeal(s), I now laugh at myself for how stubbornly I fought learning more about anxiety in any form, and yet how much of my situation and life it really was.

Take this advice and read this book. Another great one is the Stop Obsessing... book(s) about health concerns - very enlightening.

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