Can we talk about Brain Talk???

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Can we talk about Brain Talk???

Postby SLL on June 22nd, 2004, 10:45 am

Per Arron mentioning, I bring it up...that place scares the hell out of me, even the BFS/neuro muscular pages. I was SO GLAD I found this place - you can tell by my numerous posts in just a short time...this place is a life saver. Thanks Arron!

But back to Brain it documented that there is a lot of fallacy over there, made up stories, etc...??? I hate to beat a "dead horse" on this but everytime I have gone there, I have been able to convince myself I have horrible illnesses with the seeminlgy non-chalant postings of "oh yeah, that is how MINE started, too"....or the best ones are the 5 years to develop bulbar symptoms, etc...which I guess can happen but would likely be on the front page of JAMA (Journal of Medicine).

I will never go to the ALS sites again there cause they just wreak havoc on me...I feel terribly for those folks, but I get scared everytime I go on an "info troll" I come back with exactly what sends me over the edge.
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Selfless giver of time
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Postby speg on June 22nd, 2004, 5:32 pm

I am curious about Brain Talk myself. I read some normal posts there, but some really scary ones too. The worst was some guy claiming he was misdiagnosed and his neurologist told him this and that -- scary stuff that no other neuro I have ever heard of has said to anyone. I am thinking WHAT THE #%[email protected]! One thing he said was really insane, and I will tell anyone who wants to PM me. I quickly got away from there . . . but it angered me cause I realized this guy was probably sitting there making it all up and laughing . . . now, if I go I carefully screen the posts, but many folks don't give any sort of content warning on their messages so you have no clue.

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Postby Johnny on June 22nd, 2004, 5:36 pm


Unfortunately, I think I remember the post you are referring to. It was from a guy who claimed he took his mother to a neuro and while he was there the neuro told him all this stuff about ALS. And yes it sure contradicted many of ths things I've read about the disease and its presentation. The guy got grilled pretty hard about the post but insisted it was true. I don't know...
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