Let's take the time to poke fun at ourselves...

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Let's take the time to poke fun at ourselves...

Postby amy_twitch on June 21st, 2004, 6:08 pm

...and maybe be just a little helpful.

Join me in the "I'm smart enough to know better" club....

I thought it'd be fun (in a very light hearted way) to discuss the measures we've all taken to prevent our twitches. Forgive me if someone else has already started a dialogue like this before. I've read (through various web searches) about people doing things like changing their diet, eliminating caffeine, cutting out aspartime (I'm a diet coke fan myself), taking herbs, replacing mercury amalgam fillings, taking vitamin/mineral supplements, taking prescription meds, etc...all in the name of eliminating twitches.

It'd be fun to see what we've all succumbed to (most of us probably unsuccessfully)...to stop our twitches. Heck, if someone has a little remedy that helps, we want to know too.

I, myself, put the nix on my favorite diet coke after my twitching began. I normally don't eat/drink any other 'diet' products. I drank regular coke for 6 months thinking there might be a chance the twitching would stop....it didn't, of course. In retrospect, did I know better??? Yes! (Jeez, the kibosh was put on the diet coke connection on the urban legends web site long ago). Plus the FDA has yet to recall aspartime, and Diet Coke is still spending millions on commercials...
Now I'm back to enjoying an occasional diet coke....that is, until the day the surgeon general posts a warning on the can. ha ha.

Something else I did: I'm a tea drinker in the mornings because coffee gets to my stomach. In my early 'muscle twitch' web-search days, I also found the information about magnesium deficiencies. I read one little blurb about how tea has tannins that can block our magnesium receptors--so I switched to coffee for a few months thinking that'd do it. Nope...still twitching, and my stomach is happy I've switched back to tea.

I even concentrated on holding my toddler with the arm I don't normally use to hold him (thinking my spine was just out of whack from carrying him so much, so if I switched sides for a while...things would even out). HA!!

Fess up everyone! I'm sure we've all tried something to no avail. Or if something has worked for you (even a little) share the secret.

I have to poke fun at myself now, because I pretty much knew better all along....just got sucked into thinking waaaay too deep in the "what-if...?" arena.

Though benign, there IS a reason for our twitching. I just wish we knew what it was.
I can certainly tell you that Diet Coke, Lipton tea, and my overweight sixteen month old are NOT the cause :P

What have you all ruled out?????

(Just trying to have some fun here...and unfortunately I'm not being paid for those product plugs.)

If you're up for some self-depricating humor, please add to the fun...

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Postby Floater on June 21st, 2004, 7:54 pm

i stopped caffiene....tried tea....herbs, juicing vegatables and fruits..and yes i still twitch....so now i dont give a crap and drink all the coffee i want...i just basiclly live a normal live,,,not giving up things cause they may or may not make me twitch buzz or tingle...the only thing i do that seems to help real well is taking sam-e b12 folic acid b6 and a klonopin at night :wink:
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Postby Saundra Hearn on June 21st, 2004, 9:19 pm

I did notice more twithcing after drinking soda with caffiene, so yes I am being really carefull on that, but it's not that hard for me cause I'm not a coffee drinker, and water is better for you then sodas anyway :lol: I also gave up exercising, I seem to twitch more when I did.
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Postby SLL on June 21st, 2004, 9:33 pm

same...dropped the coffee, took up gallons of green tea a day...still twitching. started on B vitamins in addition to daily multiple... and now just bough magnesium to give that a try.
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