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Suggestion: warning system?

Postby speg on June 18th, 2004, 1:32 pm

I do think a "warning system" of sorts would be helpful on this site. I've noticed a few folks do it from time to time, but maybe we could come up with a code word or phrase or symbol and ask everyone to abide. The subject lines don't always give enough insight to the content. The option to post a red flad by the subject line would be nice -- just alerting people to the fact ALS is mentioned in a way that *might* be disturbing to some. This doesn't mean everything having to do with ALS, cause it might be a supportive post! I think we are all aware what "scary information" means.

Maybe we could ask everyone to put something like an (X) or a word (ALERT) or whatever . . .

Of course, someone can always respond to a safe post with something scary . . . maybe just some general rules of etiquette to new members?

I just think ALOT of folks here suffer from health anxiety . . . BFS-induced or the other way around. It might help them feel more at ease.

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Postby amy_twitch on June 18th, 2004, 2:17 pm

Hi Peg,

I understand what you are trying to do with this suggestion, and I have no objections to it. I'm still new here, so I'm still getting a feel for the board. I would imagine others who have been here for a while will have better feedback. I'm also of the opinion that this board has the strength to tackle any post no matter the content!

So far, I have not minded any 'scary' posts....simply because this board seems to be great about getting everyone's minds back on the right track. It is so easy to have fear....and a lot of people (especially newcomers) might write a post needing a LOT of reassurance. They may not realize that their thoughts, questions, or experiences evoke fear in others (or send them backwards down the hump we're all continuously trying to overcome).

It's just the nature of BFS. I respect what you're trying to do....I just wonder if what you are trying to achieve is possible. Even if we never saw those dreaded three letters on this board...I don't think the fear of them would be any less for a lot of people. Focusing on what we know and tackling that fear is the best thing we can do...scary posts or not. A big part of being on this board is to keep reinforcing what we KNOW...and put those fears to rest. (I know firsthand...easier said than done...but I'm getting there very quickly and I attribute my better mindset to this board).

By the way, I'm very appreciative that you seek to bring nothing but comfort to this board. I'm thankful that people like you are here...the board needs you and your kind heart. Assuming the 'scary posts' still come up occasionally....please don't hesitate to tackle them with your mind as well as your heart. I'm sure this board will rally with you to
keep us all 'over the hump'. :D

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Postby puggriffey on June 19th, 2004, 8:22 am

I fear something like that is virtually impossible. It's the nature of the internet "beast" - for every open-minded, kind hearted person who stops by a site like this one for honest and genuine reasons, there will inevitably be another with some other underlying need to be the focus of attention whose motives aren't genuine and whose objective is to stir up trouble. That's not even to mention the others who'll drop by from time to time with no connection to BFS at all, who just know that this type of grouping of "insecure" people is a perfect spot to cause some anonymous trouble. I'm really overall a "glass half full" person by nature, but I think this type of honor system is doomed to fail.

The "self policing" nature of this board so far has been impressive - generally, the scary posts have been met with factual rebuttal and then pretty much an across the board silence...which, in the end, is always the best medicine to stop posts that don't fit the bill. Ignore them, and they go away.

As we get older, it is inevitable that each one of our bodies is going to feel tweaks and twinges on an increasingly frequent basis. I'd encourage you to use these "scary posts" as a good, BENIGN practice ground to build up your mind's natural response mechanisms to that dreaded "unknown" that's out there for you. I've read numerous articles on OCD that have demonstrated the success of actually adopting and confronting your feared obsessions as the best and most effective means of combatting them.I'm not sure I have the courage yet to go treading through the ALS sites and convincing myself I have it until my fear subsides, but I sure as heck can handle the posts that fly through here from time to time...and I suppose that's pretty good improvement from the first time I came on here in a constant state of panic. So, long story short, I'd suggest there's some value to having the "dark side" brought to life here once in a while -- with all of these good people as friends to protect you and quickly rebut the non-factual, scarier side of the internet, you'll never find a better place to build up resistance to your fear of the unknown.

Just some food for thought - enjoy your day and smile!!!

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Postby Jenn311 on June 19th, 2004, 9:31 am

Good post!

Jen :wink:
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