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Postby Bradford on May 26th, 2004, 3:40 pm

Attention members:

I would like to invite everyone to participate in some potential fun, entertainment and education through a trivia game that I will facilitate on a weekly basis. Here’s how it will work.. I will post 10 questions about BFS or anything related (e.g. physiology, EMG, symptoms) to the issues we face and deal with. No ALS related questions!

The questions will require only a T/F, Yes/No, or single Word/Letter answer therefore you need not spend a lot of time answering the questions. You will PPM your answers to me and I will keep the score for all who participate and will post the top scorer only at the end of each week so that nobody gets embarrassed. If you miss an answer, I will PPM you with the correct answer and an explanation.

When you PPM me with your answers please indicate your call sign (username) and indicate what week of questions you are answering. For example, the first week of questions would be identified as “WEEK 1” so use this simple method to indicate what week your answers pertain to and number your answers. If you miss a week you can still submit answers at a later time, but I need to know what week your answers pertains to in order to score it correctly.

The series will run up to Labor Day September 4th as the last date to post answers.
At the end, we’ll announce the “Mr. Smarty Pantz” award and I may just drop a little coin for a gift certificate for $40 bucks or something equivalent. Remember that we have members worldwide. We’ll work those details out with the winner.

The motivation of this web game is to educate and stimulate our thinking. The questions will be well thought out and challenging so don’t expect “trivia” The idea is grow and educate. Feel free to use any resource at your disposal to answer the questions including asking your physicians from time to time.

I hope you will participate and have some fun as I know I will in thinking up challenging questions.

Best of Health,


P.S. Questions will be posted as: Mr. Smarty Pantz Week # under “General Topics”
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