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About the Chat Room....

PostPosted: October 14th, 2011, 7:16 pm
by mommylondon
Traffic seems to be coming in waves on the new chat room....which is fine but unfortunately that means that its either really busy or really dead....I just wanted to let everyone know who is interested in using the chat room, that we are in the process of getting a few moderators together that can take shifts on the chat room, so there will always be someone on there for anyone who wants or needs to talk....The moderators will not be there to enforce any real rules, as I want to keep the chat room of an open environment where one can speak his/her mind and feel safe to vent, or even joke around....The only real exceptions to this would be that I really do not want anyone posting any medical links of a negative or scary nature on I said I want it to be a safe place for BFSers to come and share and or get support....The only other thing would be..if there is someone on the chat that you do not care for or you dont like what they are saying.. and you feel compelled to tell them this...please keep it as rational and polite as possible..I dont want newbies being scared away by constant bickering and drama.

Hope everyone will join us....its been interesting to say the least so far :lol:

Take care all

Robynn :D