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Re: women's BFS things....

Postby Josmo on October 21st, 2013, 8:09 am

Yes !!!! My story started this January when I went off oral contraceptive after on it for few years ! First md I went was ob/gyn ! I was 100% sure I was pre- menopausal ( it can happen any age) hot flushes, horrible hands feet sweating , dizzy every day , huge anxiety and finally panic attacks ( every day few times a day ,hyperventilation only those who had a real panic attacks will understand! There is no way to describe what is happening inside you ;( well md said wait hormones will get back!!! With a estrogen level in menopausal range I was waiting ! 5 months ! I did not work I basically was sure I'm dying ;((then month June twitching started I went back on bc and I ( all that menopausal stuff vanished ) !!! Go figure lol ;)
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