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sholder cramp

PostPosted: August 30th, 2011, 11:41 am
by german
Does anyone get cramps on the outside ball of the shoulder. I have always had an spasm in that area for atleast 10 years. If I put my arm stretched out up on the couch while sitting it would start to spasm. This same area is acting up. Yesterday I poured concrete and used my shoulders a decent amount but not a ton( I have employees that do that) at the end of the day my shoulder started to cramp up. I would stretch it out and a few minutes later it would do it again. It quit cramping but felt tight for hours and If I did anything to focus on that area like lift something over my head it kept wanting to cramp up. I was dehydrated big time so I don't know if that was a combo with bfs. All this cramping is kinda new to me. Is this common in the shoulder or after exertion. Today my shoulder is sore.