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Ring finger twitching

PostPosted: August 4th, 2011, 9:58 am
by jlindh
I have been twitching for over 8 years now, mostly in calves, and have tried most of the remedies that have been mentioned on this site. None have worked for me and my best treatment now is to ignore them and tell myself that there is not something seriously wrong with me.

For the past month my left ring finger has been twitching, mostly at rest, for several hours during the day. It generally stops for most of the morning and afternoon and then starts again in the evening. Yesterday I played a round of golf and it seemed to bring on the ring finger twitches immediatley.

I do have some ulnar nerve issues with numbness in the little finger and half of the ring finger that is twitching.

My questions is does anyone think the twitching is related to the ulnar nerve, BFS or something more serious like Parkinsons?