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Newbie with questions

Postby dsiple on May 10th, 2004, 1:34 pm

Good morning.

I am new to his forum and had a few questions after having an NCV/EMG test done on March 24.

Their interpretations and conclusions are:

This is an abnormal study. This study does not meet formal criteria for motor neuron disease because there is not enough diffuse findings suggestive of denervation. There is however, some evidence for sparse but early denervation in cervical, thoracic, and lumbrosacral segments, along with diffuse fasiculations, (which started during the EMG), in one limb. This would suggest a very mild lower motor neuron abnormality. Lower motor neuron abnormality may not be diffuse in the setting of early ALS.

All areas tested for motor nerve conduction tested normal.

Needle EMG data showed deltoid, extensor digitorum communis, and thoracic paraspinal at +1 for fibs/pos. waves. Showed biceps brachii, triceps, extensor digitorum communis, and first dorsal interosseous at +2 for fasiculations. All other data showed "normal".

Has anyone else had slightly abnormal EMG results? I have heard some people say that it is possible that I could have been born with the "sparse but early denervation" type stuff. This has the crap scared out of me in regards to ALS. These tests were done the end of March and the symptoms that initially drove me to see a neuro were my speech was slow, but that is almost back to normal, and the speech pathologist that I have been working with now only says she feels that I need to see her once a month, as things are getting better. After I got the test results, I started seeing a therapist, and have been diagnosed with depression & generalized anxiety disorder, with flouxetine to help with that. In the last few weeks, I have twitched almost everyone at some point and then it stops , but the twitching in my arms has been nonstop. Some days it is not as bad as others, but it has been continuous. I have no weakness or atrophy, I actually had to change my hot water heater over the weekend, and had no problems with any of the physical stuff associated with that. My hands sometimes feel a bit clumsy, but never weak. I am having no problems with swallowing, walking, fine/gross motor skills, etc.. I appreciate any advice or help that you can offer.

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Postby Pole on May 11th, 2004, 2:27 am

There are some people on braintalk forum (neuromuscular section) with abnormal emg findings. I remember that one of them (his name is Isslander or something like that) had very abnormal emg (with fibs, psw, fascics in all limbs) more than 3 years ago and he still has no other sympthoms than twitching (my last visit on braintalk was 3 months ago so my info is from february).

Best wishes
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Postby dwl on May 11th, 2004, 2:36 am

I think the most important thing will be your neuro's interpretation of the results in the context of your symptoms and findings on examination - "treat the patient and not the test results". Let us know how you get on!

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