New guy with questions about BFS...

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New guy with questions about BFS...

Postby kent1915 on April 22nd, 2004, 3:28 pm

Hello all- Glad to have found this site. I read the BFS in a nutshell topic but still have questions.

I participated in a "ropes course" in October that apparently resulted in spraining my neck, back, shoulders and partial tears in my rotator cuffs. Nothing showed up for 4 weeks then*WHAM* parasthesis, numbness, weakness, etc. After a bit, the (universal here?) fear of ALS arose. I have seen 2 people ravaged by that insideous disease, and of course applied it to myself. After finally getting a referral to neuro, my neuro eval and bot follow ups were "normal" as was strength and reflexes. No EMG was done as no indications for it. I had some fascics by then that neuro chalked up as "benign". Diagnosed the sprains, myofascial pain and ANXIETY.

After two rounds (completed it, reentered it and completed it) of PT, I am overall better. However, I will occasionally get fasciculations in various parts of my body; scalp, left eye, left pinky finger, right quad, right shoulder. They are all proceeded by PAIN in my back somewhere (trigger point???) and then the twitching begins.

I guess my question is thus. Since noone has diagnosed it, formally, does this fit BFS? the fascics are relatively short lived in duration and chronicity (a few minutes at a time for a day). Antianxiety meds help some (Ativan) and reading this site has helped a ton...

Looking forward to info. Thanks for all the help! Nice to know I am not along and not necessarily crazy...

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Postby Bradford on April 22nd, 2004, 4:27 pm

Sorry to hear about your injuries and subsequent BFS. Welcome to the club. I'm new to this forum and in my spare time, I like to monitor it and when I can reply to new questions.

First off, only your doctor can dx your condition, however, what I understand about the protocol is that in the abscense of changes in reflexes and resistance stength tests, your twtiching will probably be of little concern (short of injury related).

Like all of us we've had it checked out in physical exam and electrodiagnostic study and have come away with a benign dx. Just remember that twtiching can be caused by a number of non-life threating,
non-disabling conditions and avoid opening pandora's box by a mindset that you have a motor neuron disease.

Get the injuries checked out to your satisfaction as you seem to have done and get back on the course when you can. If the twitching escalates don't sweat it because in BFS its common to have hot spots and if it shows up in new areas don't sweat it because thats what BFS does also.
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