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Today's Neuro Visit and Two-Year EMG/NCV Test

PostPosted: August 16th, 2010, 8:39 pm
by jro
I will start with the bottom line. The EMG/NCV test showed no abnormalities of any kind so there was no new "data" to complicate my picture but rather I past another reassuring milestone given that this emg/ncv test dates more than two years after the onset of my symptoms.

Now for the dramatic details. The last twenty four hours were the most excrutiating of my life. I revealed recently that I underwent breast implant surgery on Wednesday. I have heard mixed messages about meds interfering with emgs and I did not want any reason to doubt the results so I stopped taking my narcotics and benzos twenty four hours before the test. Doing that sent me into major pain and withdrawal symptoms from the lack of benzos. Basically, all the muscles in my chest and back were "on fire" and I was feeling nausiated (sp) like I had the flu. I could not move my body in a normal way nor could I lift a cup or open a door without severe pain. I was so miserable. I was alone and could barely breathe from the pain. I convinced my soon to be ex to take me to my appointment and he did. He was supportive thankfully.

When I got there, the neuro gave me the most intense emg ever. She stabbed me in more sensitive areas than the other tests. She did extensive testing of my left arm and hand, my left leg, and my back near the spine. She found nothing abnormal even if the hand muscle that "cramps" every minute and has for two years. Her bottom line was that I do not have signs of the worst diseases but no one can predict the future for anyone. There is a condition of bfs which fits my situation but she seemed to doubt I even had fascicluations because she did not see them on the emg. I get so anxious docs tend to see me as an anxiety case. She said I could keep pressing to have all my muscle biopsy slide reviewed by the neuropath at UCLA just to be thorough even though he saw one and said it was normal. I will continue in another post.