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Postby Moeman on March 13th, 2004, 8:10 pm

Does anyone else have "prickling"....not a true fasciculation. It a sensation that one can feel, like gettng hit with a grain of sand but can not see. Mostly short in duration and can come in numbers like rain drops. I have these, prickling, primarily on my face with fasciculations all over my body, along with other crazy sensations like creepy-crawlers. I have be told I have BFS but I have read that these symptoms are consistant with MS....any ideas?

Any comments would be appreciated, Al
Take care. Moeman
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Postby Arron on March 15th, 2004, 11:44 am

Those "might" be symptoms of MS, and they might not. If you read about MS though, you'd swear the entire world has MS! Everybody get's weird sensations from time to time that mimmick MS symptoms. I have wondered that BFS might be some type of mild MS many times. It's really hard to say.

MS is a VERY mild thing most of the time, and in many people it comes once and never shows up again. Other's might have an episode here and then nothing for years, and then another episode a decade or two later, and then nothing again for a long time.

MS is VERY strange indeed and it can cause all kinds of strange feelings, but again, don't go thinking you have MS until you are actually diagnosed with it, and even then, it is SO rare, and so slow moving most of the time, that it can take years or even a decade or more to even diagnose, so please don't even dwell on that.

BFS can, and does cause weird sensations and it has been talked about on here many, many times by just about everyone on here. MS also doesn;t present with twitches, and that has been talked about on the site numerous times where people with BFS thought they maybe had MS, and the neuro's reassured them that MS is extremely rare to present with twitching, although in the later stages, it can cause twitching, but if you were in the later stages of MS, you wouldn't be on a BFS web site :-) You would KNOW you had it, without a doubt, and you would have had it for a LONG time.

Hang in there, you're in the same boat as the rest of us.
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