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One possible answer

Postby carlos on November 22nd, 2009, 6:40 pm

I went to the neuro last week. Well, in fact I went to two neuros... The first one was the neuro I'd already seen, my usual neuro. I asked him about the things I've felt during the last weeks - teeth chattering from time to time and, especially, this awful head shaking when I woke up and, sometimes, when I went to sleep, as well as this feeling of constant shaking all over the body (especially limbs). I described it to him, he asked if I was anxious and I said "I'm anxious about this stuff". He then sent me home saying that I have nothing to fear and with an Elavil (ADT) prescription. He was right. But, has he was a little bit in a hurry (he had the right to be, he was very late for lunch and obviously tired), I didn't have time to ask him other things, like: "why"? "Why does it happen"? Then I became really anxious, thinking that anxiety couldn't be responsible for everything, including a very clear shaking of my head when sleeping. So, the day after, I went to see a colleague of his, who asked me many things and made me the general clinical neuro exam (looking for fasciculations, weakness, reflexes, etc.). Everything was normal except my hyper-excited reflexes (especially on the left side) and my nystagmus (which I have since I was born). The hyperreflexia on the left side was already diagnosed more than a year before. He said that, if I hadn't already made a MRI and a EMG he would make me do it but that I didn't need to repeat it. I talked him about BFS, and he said "Yes, I know that, it's typical of people who have hyper-excited nerves". He asked me things about my birth (which was a difficult one) and he concluded that I have some mild abnormalities because of the birth, including hyperreflexia, and that this is the reason why I have the twitching and some myoclonic jerks: people like me tend to have the same things like everyone (a few twitches and a few myoclonic jerks are normal) but over-exagerated. I asked him "why now" and he said that it can be due to tiredness or other things that trigger it (by the way, he didn't think I'm an anxious type of person). I still asked him why wasn't that epilepsy and he told me that the jerks would be much more typical and exagerated. He said that the head shaking was just some different kind of myoclonic jerks - which happen, that's true, in the same sleep phase as epilepsy crisis -, and nothing to worry about. He also recomended Elavil, not beacuse of depression, but because of sleep quality and less sensitivity to that kind of movements.

I still didn't begin with Elavil. I began taking Xanax again and I sleep better (although feeling the head shaking on some nights).
I'm still bothered with some limb-shaking, but it's true that I make lots of use of my arms (to carry heavy things, to take my daughter on my arms and climb stairs, etc.).

Anyway: no sign of vey bad things, just an hyper-excited nervous system (due to birth in my case) which shows up with stress, physical exercise, fatigue, etc. Maybe this isn't new to most of you but I hope it helps anyway.

See you.

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One possible answer



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