Is it I?

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Is it I?

Postby Capital H on September 4th, 2009, 4:07 pm

I guess the pessimists amongst us are allways waiting for the first of us to go down with the deadlys (not that it ever happens)

But of recent times there has been a noticable change of perspective between me an my GP.

I have had three Neuro appointments because I have been concerned and a panicking but I am scheduled back to the neuro again and this time it is at my GP's behest.

Well that is a turn out for the books, I might actually have something wrong with me, and the last MRI does show it, yeah my nerves are shot. (well they would be) either the MRI's have got sharper or my nerves have got shotter, and do believe the latter. It's those B***dy cervical discs innit!

Being on past form I don't have this enormous faith in neuros, and I reckon I will be bounced back to rheumatologist eventually cos I am beginning to wonder where the arthritis isn't.
than my left which is only weak.

And I am going to be 54 soon, you know it actually looks like I will be 54 and I shall see my next birthday, amazing or what?

Well I did not climb quite manage to climb Snowdon this year, (because I fell into a bog) but I dare say I shall have another go next year, knees, back and neck notwithstanding.

Hey BFS is fun compared to arthritis.....
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Is it I?



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