Common anxiety/stress symptoms associated with BFS

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Common anxiety/stress symptoms associated with BFS

Postby nervousguy1 on March 13th, 2009, 7:20 pm

Some people on this board fear they have Bulbar onset after being cleared from any serious illness with an EMG/MRI test, so i thought i'll post a list of common symptoms people with BFS might experience.

Anxiety :
-Perceived slurred speech
-Perceived swollen tongue
-Perceived cracking/hoarse voice
-Lump in throat
-Perceived dents
-Burning tongue feelings
-The feeling that your tongue is constantly moving towards one of your cheeks

Obsessive / compulsive disorder resulting from extreme hypochondria;
-Silly strenght tests which results in even more anxiety because you will ALWAYS fail one of your silly tests
-Moving your tongue from side to side as fast as you can
-Exploring your body; looking for dents.

-Stiff/tensed muscles (fight/flight mode, ofcourse )
-Backpain, shoulderblade pain
-Aches and pains all over the body

Stress slowly buildsup on a sub-conscious level. Just think of all the deadlines you have to make; projects you have to finish; family problems etc. Eventually, the bubble bursts and you are left with a whole bunch of somatoform symptoms. These sensations are real physical symptoms caused by psychological stress.
Stress leads to a whole lot of things. For example; a weakened immune system and many other diseases. It also produces several hormones and chemicals which gets released all over the body and can result in muscle twitches. The same applies to anxiety.

There is another condition called chronic hyperventilation, which is associated with deep-rooted stress and anxiety. You never know that you are breathing in a wrong cycle untill you suddenly start to experience lightheadedness, vertigo, nausea, pins and needles, or this awkward sensation that you have to take deep breaths because otherwise, you might faint. Sometimes you may not experience these but still you breath like you are running the marathon.

Chronic hyperventilation, which can wax-and-wane for minutes or hours and come on suddenly and dissapear, just like a panic attack disorder, causes the carbon dioxide levels in the body to fall, and result in hypersensitive nerves. The symptoms include : pins and needles, pains, muscle excitability/muscle twitches and tentany symptoms.

I know many of you experience twitching without having underlying anxiety/stress; so the above doesn't apply to you. But i believe some people should think about the above first before even thinking about ALS.
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Common anxiety/stress symptoms associated with BFS



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