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Off of here today- Hope I helped some. My anxiety.

PostPosted: November 12th, 2008, 12:06 pm
by TattooedMommy
I am starting to back off the site again with best intentions. I came back to update on the baby but I can say the past two weeks I have been on this site has been a living HELL. I am not pointing fingers at anyone I know where ALL anxious but misery loves company. I was at my upmost highest when I had this computer out in the garage with dust collecting on it. Sure I had twitches but I did not care nor panic and I was actually able to joke about it again with people how I fretted over ALS.
Here I go with this "I feel like I am speaking funny and tongue zaps sensations" I didnt have that til I read about it.
I totally blame anxiety. Today my friend is here and I am speaking fine and not worried. Last night I went to the gym lifted weights and did a lot of cardio. Thats where I need to be. Not withering away from anxiety on this computer.
So I am going to slowly back off but I will check back on K2626s neuro appt today and ofcourse Chris_Uk's. Feel free to drop me a PM but if your dropping me a PM full of anxiety dont mail it to me.

With love,