A debatable subject lately. Muscle biopsy vs Emg

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A debatable subject lately. Muscle biopsy vs Emg

Postby TattooedMommy on November 11th, 2008, 3:42 pm

After a few posts about muscle biopsies being more reliable than a EMG I did some research first and foremost I found that:

(and I will provide the link @ the bottom of this page)

Chronic disease: Muscle with moderate, but not severe, weakness
Acute disease: Muscle with severe or moderate weakness
Best specific muscles: Deltoid; Biceps; Quadriceps
MRI can be used to select pathological muscle site in difficult cases
Avoid: Muscles that were site of EMG, injections,or trauma

It says that muscle biopsies are best for detecting Myopathies, periphial neuropathies and ofcourse ACUTE CHRONIC DENERVATION found in ALS.
I'd also like to add that the people whom had the muscle biopsies said it was quite uncomfy and it requires stitches and icing afterwards. I mean come on your having a peice of muscle extracted.

One man with ALS reported the reason why he had a muscle biopsy is because when he had his EMG it went off like crazy and there wasn't a spot they could not find that was quiet. The muscle is just a SMALL area of examination..I would think and from what I've read the EMG covers a lot more area.


Basically it says muscle biopsies are used to find myopathys, necrosis and can be a peice to the puzzle for ALS if CHORNIC DENERVATION was found.
Atrophy (H&E; ATPase): Also see Fiber type disorders
Small rounded fibers: Myopathy (Regeneration; Chronic); Type I smallness
Small angular fibers: Neuropathy; Type 2 atrophy; Inclusion body myopathies
Grouped: Neuropathy with denervation
Multiple small groups: Most commonly associated with ALS
Large groups: Chronic denervation; Motor neuron disease
Rule out: Myopathic grouping
Perifascicular: Dermatomyositis
Type I fibers: Spinal muscular atrophy
Type II muscle fibers: Exercise
Mixed fiber types
Partial denervation: Very chronic
Chronic myopathies: Muscular dystrophies
Rare: Inflammatory & immune myopathies, except IBM
Muscle fiber damage
Hereditary with encephalopathy


I also just ventured over to the "FORUMS" and read about people having muscle biopsies after EMG and the reponse I found was:
The muscle biopsy is MORE OFTEN done to rule out EVERYTHING ELSE before the dx of ALS. That is if your EMG had issues. If your EMG is clean and you have a muscle biopsy it is more or less looking for myopathys which are NOT associated with ALS.
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A debatable subject lately. Muscle biopsy vs Emg



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