My Symptoms and a Question About Twichtes

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My Symptoms and a Question About Twichtes

Postby qwerqwer on September 23rd, 2008, 3:21 am

Hi folks,

I just registered, but already followed this forum for quite a while. I decided to post my story...

I don't know when, but I started to feel tingling in my hands and feet at the end of 2007.
When I rose my shoulders and let them fall, I felt a sensation in the elbows.
I also felt light pain in my legs when walking stairs.
Didn't give much attention to this...

Then in Feb 2008, the real mess started. I felt about 10 seconds of twitches in my left upper arm. I was at the computer and fed "muscle twichtes" to google, which brought me to fasciculations, and the vicious circle begun. I thought I had A**.

I started testing my reflexes. I think I hit my right knee too hard one time, so it begun to swell and I started to drag my right foot. Of course I blamed A** taking over my body. Did a lot of pushing excercises with both my feet, inducing sore muscles in my thighs. Of course I blamed A** for that too.

However, I lost focus on A** somehow in May 2008, I decided that if I had it, I cannot change it since there is no cure.

But, in the end of Aug 2008, the A** obsession hit me again. Twitches returned very intense. My right hand felt strange, like if it was not my right hand. I focused on my body, started to change my walking style, which resulted in the right foot to start to pain and drag, blamed it on A** taking over my body, and so on...

Now, middle Sep 2008, I got another cold, twichtes still there, but not that intense anymore. Right hand is better. But, I have the impression that it's weaker than the left hand. I am still worried on A**. Going thru forums almost every day...

In this forums, I read that global random twichtes are not likely to be A**. A** induces local persisting twitches, right? But, I read on this website the following:

Comment So according to your clinical experience: the random twitchers, those who get them few times a day only and every time in totally different location (a twitch in the calf muscle once every hour or less, for example)- these are the twitchers who should worry more about als? * More than the twitchers who have them continuously in the same muscle?

Answer Yes, this is true, it is good clinical assumption to follow, but it is not perfect, as surprisingly some patients with ALS are oblivious to their fasciculations.

The author is a neuro, what does he say? He said the complete opposite: Local twitches are good, global twitches are bad.

I should say that in Jan 2008 I bumped my head, straight up. I felt a kind of little compression and crack in my neck. But, no pain and so I lost attention on this. Don't know if that is something...

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My Symptoms and a Question About Twichtes



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