wanted to share another email

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wanted to share another email

Postby Brian_B on October 26th, 2003, 1:08 am

email between me and my neurologist friend

to make it easy to read I will say what I said and what he said

I said,

> well
since you commented on neurontin and ALS, have
> you ever seen, or heard
> of anyone presenting with twitches alone that had
> ALS? like no weakness, no
> altered reflexes, normal EMG showing no
> de-nervation(however that spelled)?

he said,
Absolutely none.

I said,
and no Im not worried about it just wondered
> I know to have ALS after 2 years with no other
> symptoms would rank you as
> the unluckiest person in the world
> this month is 2 years since noticed twitches, I
> remember cause it was close
> to halloween when I noticed them but I didnt go to
> neurologist till feb of
> next year

he said,
I also delayed evaluation in a form of denial.

I said,
> I guess I didnt wanna go cause I didnt want an ALS
> death sentence before
> christmas
> restrospect I shouldve gone in oct 2001 when I
> noticed them, wouldve saved
> me months of worrying over the holidays

he said,
True. I did the same bloody thing. But I also wanted
to watch it for a while to notice any weakness or
early atrophy. I even tried to check my own reflexes
which unfortunately have been somewhat hyperactive
since childhood.

I said,
> how long after you noticed them you got EMG?

he said,
too noticed them a few days after Samhain (the
Celtic New Year, 1 November) but I waited until March
to get a colleague to do a total body EMG. And then I
made an appointment to see a neuromuscular specialist
who did a complete exam and made the diagnosis of BFS
in May. And nothing has changed since then. There is
no hint of atrophy anywhere.

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wanted to share another email



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