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Hello all

Postby iowa1001 on October 22nd, 2003, 10:26 am

Hi been visiting this site for about the last year - just been reading all of your posts - most of them have helped me greatly. Just a tad about me - 37 year old male - started twitching last october after doing deep leg lunges at the gym and have not stopped since - some days I do not twitched then other days a ton - saw the neurologist at the University of Iowa hospital in december clean exam (saw him and the neuro in training (resident)) requested an emg in jan for my own piece of mind - neuro who did the emg also twitches - he did two sticks in the leg (calf and hamstring), paraspinals, and three in the arm all fine - just saw the neuro again last week(1 year follow up) clean exam but still twitches and maybe just maybe more stiff - neuro believes that it is nothing he said i may want to see an endocrinologist since i take synthroid for my failing thyroid, and potassium citrate for kidney stones (had five one every year for the last five), and lipitor - neuro said i may want to have my parathyroids checked.
Still exercise run about 18 miles a week and lift three days a week so am basically over my ALS concerns. My question has anyone been checked for parathyroid and is it a simple blood test - thanks
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Postby reneeintx on October 22nd, 2003, 11:38 am

Greetings iowa :)

You and I have alot in common. I'm 30ish and female. I started twitching the last week of Nov 02. I had an emg in Jan...clean, clean, clean. No twitching was dectected on the test. As a matter of fact I just had a follow-up appt last week. Everything is fine! He scheduled me to see him again in March 04 for anther follow-up. I guess he does this for me because I'm still just a little frightened.

I too take synthroid for a failing thyroid. My GP says she can handle this situation for me. Although most of the time I've been on synthroid everything has been fine I have switched from hypo to hyper twice. I'm beginning to wonder if I should see a endocrinologist, and ask about the parathyroid.

I still twitch. Some days are worse than others. I have a new twitching spot...the side of my foot. That one is like a pulling sensation. :( I'm trying not to fall totally off the wagon. ;)

Glad to see you here!


Oh by the way, I run 10 miles a week. I enjoy see mother nature close up instead of viewing her from a car window.
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