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Noob with emg concern

PostPosted: August 26th, 2008, 2:15 pm
by Bryson
hey everybody, not gonna bore you with my twitching story, its pretty much the same as all urs, twitching for a couple months, no signs of weakness (went for a long sprint after a bus the other day no problems), but its all still making me anxious. well i got an emg today (which by the way wasn't as fun as i expected :P ), and the neuro said everything looked perfectly fine, except on my left shin where she was measuring, she got this look on her face and asked the nurse "was that a 6?". Afterwards she said that there was nothing wrong but that one abnormality, apparently some unusually high amplitude wave or something, and she said i show no other signs pointing towards *** but she's gonna send me for an mri to make sure. my question is do any of you know what could cause an unusually high amp wave like that? i also thought (assumed) that *** would be indicated by unusually low amp waves...... any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.