Do not fear death so much that you forget about living.

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Do not fear death so much that you forget about living.

Postby Davey on October 15th, 2003, 3:09 pm

Just thought I'd say that.

It seems that there is a lot of tension here. We are all mortal, whether we like it or not. We can either obsess about it and let it ruin our lives, or accept it and move on with a positive approach to what remains of our lives.

Between stimulus and response, we as human beings have choice. We can choose how we respond to a situation. How we respond to the changes in our bodies is our choice. I choose to look beyond it and focus on the positive.



Proud sufferer of Cramp-Fasciculation Syndrome since June 2001.

"Do not fear death tomorrow so much that you forget to live today."
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Selfless giver of time
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Postby Nole on October 15th, 2003, 3:45 pm

Great outlook, I totally agree. Once I said to myself "Stop worrying and live your life," I have overcome this bfs stuff. I no longer obsess or worry. Heck, I couldnt even tell you when I twitch, I am just so happy to be here, right now, in this moment...some people are not as fortunate as we are to be alive. We are all going to die someday, why worry about it while you are living? Spend your life living, learning, loving, and be happy. Find peace within yourself, trust yourself that you can get through this. Do the things you love to do, surround yourself with good people. Do the things you want to...isnt that what life is all about??
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Postby Floater on October 15th, 2003, 6:16 pm

i agree.
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