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Haven't posted in a while--back from neuro

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2008, 12:07 pm
by c4110djh
Hi All,
I haven't posted in while---have had so much going on. The "sleep starts" were horrible right before my daughter's wedding and it made it difficult for me to attend all of the evening functions, tend to houseguests, (some of who stayed on after the wedding). Right after the wedding, my stomach problems intensified so gastro put me on donnatol. In addition to helping with my stomach issues, it really helped with the sleep starts as well as the twitching. My husband and I took a trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota a week after the wedding to attend his mother's 90th b-day party. I slept well thanks to the donnatol and was able to have a great time, had lots of energy. The only thing I noticed was when I was holding my neice's baby, over 45 minutes standing up, my shoulders became sore and tired. Guess that's just because I'm getting older (56). My shoulders hurt a lot, (they've hurt on and off with BFS for years) but wake me up hurting now at times. My husband's shouders hurt him and wake him up at times as well; probably just our age! My tongue & facial faciscs have gotten better for now. I did notice facial "sleep starts" last night while falling asleep on the couch, but when I got up and took my donnatol and went to bed, I slept well. Oh yeah, after the wedding I went to the neuro, who did some strength tests, told me I was fine "very strong woman" and asked how I was emotionally with the twitching. Told him I was better, (don't want to totally freak out and get an EMG---really I've been twitching for years). He has recommended a sleep study, but when we talked and I better explained that I was having "sleep starts" drifting off as opposed to "jerking in my sleep" which is indicative of PLM, he wasn't sure that a sleep study could help, (I guess the starts are different). He did suggest that I go talk to the sleep specialist and let him determine if I need a study. I do snore at times, (have for several years---my sister, mom and grandmother also do--so think it runs in the family). I don't think that could be too may get it checked out. Thanks again for everyone's input. You're great people. Best Wishes, Denise