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Postby Arron on June 19th, 2008, 12:00 pm

Someone asked me a question in a PM saying they read someplace that a few people have had BFS turn into ALS, so I thought I'd share my reply with you to set the record straight, once and for all.


There are people who like nothing more than to go on our site and spread FAKE or MISLEADING information about what some study said, or what some doctor said.

Connecting BFS twitches and ALS twitches is like connecting migrane headaches and brain tumors.

You get a headache with each one, but a brain tumor is caused by mutating cells (cancer usually) and a mass of some sort growing inside your skull, causing it to hurt. Migranes are caused by a chemical imbalance (they think anyway). The end result is what some people believe to be a common symptom... a headache... just like people see a common symptom between BFS and ALS in the twitches, and they are about as far apart as those two headaches!

Have you ever seen anyone with migranes go on to develop brain tumors? There is ZERO coralation betwen the two. BFS is no different and only ignorant people come on the site and spread FALSE rumors like that because BFS happens for an ENTIRELY different reason than ALS, just like headaches from migranes and brain tumors happen for entirely different reasons with ZERO connection between the two.

ALS twitches happen because the nerve pathway has ALREADY DISCONNECTED and the muscle begins to quiver with a TRUE FASCICULATION that has a dirty signal that the EMG WILL pick-up. They are ELECTRICALLY fired, the very same way your brain commands your muscles to move... by tiny bursts of electricity.

BFS twitches happen (according to most of people that have studied it as extensive as I have anyway) happens because of a chemical imbalance or a chemical change in our bodies. They are NOT electrically fired and often times do NOT show up on the EMG.

People with BFS do get occasional true fasciculations. So do people without BFS. Most kids have eye lid twitching here and there. Most of those are true fasciculations but how many kids do you see getting ALS because their eye lids twitched every so often? That answer would be ZERO! So is there any relationship between true fasciculations and ALS? Not until kids that get eye lid twitching start dropping dead of ALS, and to this date, with a few billion kids that have been on this planet, the facts point in the opposite direction!

Again, some idiots love nothing more than to come on and spread LAME rumors about this stuff just to scare people like yourself. You have to take the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of other posts on this site from THOUSANDS of other people and go by the common denominator, and NOT read one moron's post and run with it as if it is true.

NO ONE is going to "prove" any of us wrong. There is simply WAY too much cumulative information from people that we have studied and collected information from to prove otherwise, so QUIT LOOKING FOR POSTS TO PROVE US WRONG. It ain't gonna happen! This isn't our first day with this stuff!

I am sure SOMEONE with BFS will develop ALS sooner or later, just as I am sure someone with cancer of the bladder will also develop high blood pressure. Both are completely unrelated and have nothing to do with each other, but people do get two or three things wrong with them sometimes that can cause death. It CERTAINLY doesn't mean, or even point in the direction that BFS turnd into ALS in that particular patient. It just means that person drew 2 bad straws and got a bad deal in life.

No one, and I am saying this as a fact... NO ONE that I have ever seen with BFS has had it TURN INTO ALS. They are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things that have ZERO relations with eachother. Just because they both have some sort of "twitching" in relation to eachother CERTAINLY DOESN'T mean the twitches happen for the same reason, or that they are even happening for the same reason. They are NOT the same in any way, shape or form!

Again, just like the 2 headache scenarios with migranes and brain tumors. They both have "headaches" as a common thead, but they are COMPLETELY different from eachother and happen for entirely different reasons.

BFS and ALS are EXACTLY this same way. There is ZERO relationship between the two!! This is why 95% of the people with BFS see their neuro's and the neuro isn't even interested in the twitches!! ALS is not a "twitching disease". It is a degenerative NERVE disease, and THAT is what the doctors look for, signs of nerve degeneration, loss of conductivity in the nerve pathways (elecricity), NOT THE TWITCHES! I can't stress that enough!
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