I may get introuble for pointing this out BUT...

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I may get introuble for pointing this out BUT...

Postby TattooedMommy on June 11th, 2008, 11:49 am

I had posted the MAYO CLINIC STUDY on BFS. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL report for all of us who have had a clean EMG and a Clean Clinical etc. after we presented with FASICS. I was reading this to my hubby last night and something morbid BUT realisitic and something that TOUCHED HOME with me stood out to me in reading the article outloud which I HAD NEVER NOTICED BEFORE.
Only reason why I am posting this is BECAUSE I think there should be MORE research and AWARENESS and INTERNET information on BFS because...... of this part of the article. ONLY reason why I am posting this and one might can relate is because at the beginning of all this before I saw neuro I was at the DEPTHS of despair - I realllly thought, if this is *** I will not fight itm I'll end it right here and now.

Here is the PART of the article that made me think...There HAS to be more research into this...

Of the 137 patients identified, 121 patients were available for follow-up interviews. Two patients had died, 1 of lung cancer and 1 of a self-inflicted gunshot injury. Eight patients declined the formal interview. On brief inquiry, none had developed significant neurological symptoms. Six patients were residents of countries other than the United States and follow-up was not attempted. There were 94 men and 27 women. The mean age at the time of presentation was 42.6 (range 20-72) years for men and women. The mean follow-up interval from time of diagnosis to time of interview was 7.2 (range, 2-32) years. The presenting complaints that led to the diagnose of benign fasciculations are summarized in the Table. Fasciculation was typically identified by the patient as a brief, painless twitch of a part of a muscle. The twitch did not usually produce noticeable joint movement.

THIS IS A HUGE STAB IN THE DARK, but I wonder if this guys/gals mental state had anything to do with the fear of the unknown. I know I thought about it many of times when I laid in my bed at night CRYING myself to sleep. So many neuro's brush us off and say ANXIETY GET A GRIP ETC. but...in reality..We need to know more. This person could have had all kinds of issues that were unknown but it just struck me as curious as how debilating this BFS can be MENTALLY.


I APOLOGIZE if this was a MORBID REACH of WONDER but I dont know like I said, just struck me weird.....
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I may get introuble for pointing this out BUT...



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