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Hi. I'm new.

PostPosted: June 5th, 2008, 7:06 am
by wishesnkishes
My name is Jen and I'm 33. I am currently pregnant with my third child (almost five months along). My left thumb started twitching on Saturday. It twitches fast, slow, rapidly and sometimes a jerky twitch. I find myself constantly looking at it. When it's at rest it sometimes go crazy. I believe I have had BFS previously some years before when my anxiety was very high. In fact, I recall about two years ago my middle toe twitched for eight days straight non stop and I actually went to a neuro who told me it's probably anxiety, but we could do an EMG, which I never had done. To make a long story short, I was previously on effexor xr and xanax both for depression and anxiety and had to go off them when I became pregnant. I've been off them about three months now. I don't know if this twitching could be a result of the withdrawal from both meds, anxiety (which I am filled with), or what? I have no other symptoms. I guess I'm worried because sometimes the twitching is so fine that i have to strain to see it and sometimes it's rapid (quick moving but very fine, hard to see). Sigh. Just looking for reassurance sometimes. I've heard BFS does not stay in one spot and that is why I'm worried. Any insight? Thanks so much. Anyone else had this? How long does this last?