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a fourth grade memory and twitching

PostPosted: September 18th, 2003, 5:15 pm
by reneeintx
This is kind of a strange memory, but when I was in fourth grade there was this girl sitting in front of me and her arm started twitching real hard like a thumper. You could see her arm jumping. The people around her were staring at her arm. I could tell it was making her very uncomfortable.

At recess someone started the rumor that her arm was jumping like that because she had a worm in there. Everybody was running away from her including me, because noone wanted to "get worms" That little girl was crying because nobody wanted to play with her.

When we got back in class she was so upset she left school that day and the teacher was explaining that her arm was moving like that because of a twitch.

Can you imagine if people treated us like lepers because they saw us twitch?

I know that little girl remembers that could she not?

It's shameful what kids and adults can do to eachother when they see something they don't understand.