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Knowledge is power

PostPosted: September 30th, 2002, 7:14 pm
by Arron
To all, it's been nice posting here and all I can say is there's plenty of info on here for newcomer's to understand whether they have any symptoms they should be worried about or not. I have tried doing my part in giving back what I took with the knowledge that I have gained from extensive research on the subject of BFS and the differnces between it and ALS, which are obvious differences.

My advice to anyone new with fears is read ALL of the posts in this fine web site and you'll gain enough knowledge to understand what BFS is all about, OR whether you should be worried about your symptoms or not. Certainly if you have ANY symptoms of ANY neuro muscular disease, you should go see a doctor right away and NOT try to further self diagnose yourself.

I've given my time and knowledge back and tried to help other's ease their minds as much as possible and it appears that my efforts are less than liked by some of the members on here, so I guess I am wasting my time by continuing to post, so I am outta here. I hope you find peace and comfort and can overcome your fears as soon as possible. There IS an end to all of this and there IS light at the end of the tunnel as soon as you overcome your inner fears and you can do that by reading and learning because with BFS, knowledge is power...

PostPosted: September 30th, 2002, 9:01 pm
by Debbs
Oi Arron,

And just where do you think you are going??? You my friend are a rock of comfort in here people look up to you and you have gained respect from practically the whole would not be fair to leave em in the lurch so to speak just cause a couple of guys opened there mouths and stuck there feet in You are the most researched most informative person in here and we value that, please reconsider.


PostPosted: October 1st, 2002, 12:32 am
by Jen
Arron, I agree with Deb. There is so much information throughout these forums. It takes a lot of reading for your messages to sink in. Throughout all of my reading, I relied on the information that you kept supplying. When I first found these forums, I was extremely twitchy. Being reassured by you, again and agian, that all is "OK", I am now doing much better. My anxiety levels about BFS have dropped considerably, along with the twitching, and that is with great thanks to you. :D

PostPosted: October 1st, 2002, 1:49 am
by SusanSid
What the heck happened? Who isn't happy with your comments and support? You're been the best. Please don't walk away just because someone has offended you, was a jerk or whatever it is. You always get people on bulletin boards that are hurtful etc. , it comes with the territory. I just can't imagine what could have happened for you to split. PLEASE rethink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of us!

PostPosted: October 1st, 2002, 8:52 am
by Nole

Your knowledge has been beneficial to us all. You have eased the minds of many and it would be a shame to have you leave us. Please rethink this through, many people need your support.

PostPosted: October 1st, 2002, 9:28 am
by Twitchy Georgy

You are the reason I keep coming back to these forums for reassurance and I attribute your posts to my overall sense of calm that I have been experiencing since I joined... After all, this board needs someone that is both very knowledgeable on the subject of BFS and someone that can empathize with others experiences...

Let me know who's been giving you smack and I'll definitely give them an earfull.....

If you do decide on leaving, I wish you the best and hope that you continue to provide other people with the same support you've given all of us on this forum...

knowledge is power

PostPosted: October 1st, 2002, 5:37 pm
by kEG
Don't leave! I just got here yesterday, and you're posts have been the most reassuring!


PostPosted: October 4th, 2002, 9:17 am
by Lisa
Hi everyone!

I've been a passive observer of this site for the last couple of months but now I think it's time I spoke!

Arron, your comments really have been a great help to me in my twitchy, buzzy times of distress. You've helped convince me that this really is a benign condition and not some terrible life threatening disease!
It would be such a shame if you left now, I'm sure many others could benefit from your support.

Hope to hear from you again soon!

PostPosted: October 4th, 2002, 2:17 pm
by Nigel555
Hi Arron,

Please don't go my friend you have been a real God send to us all and we all need you mate so please stay.

Just do the same as me mate, people have been laughing at me all my life as I have a stammer but I don't give a Monkeys uncle cos with every one person that thinks I'm a bit simple there's ten that thinks I'm a nice guy, so just say blow to the odd idiot cos you have lots of good friends here mate

hope you stay

Best Wishes

NNNNNigel :lol:

PostPosted: October 5th, 2002, 2:34 am
by Arron
WOW!! Thanks everyone! Ok, Ok, I'll lurk in the background and post here and there again. I'll try not to come across as such a "know it all". Thanks to ALL of you that posted such nice things about me. I was pretty ticked-off at one or two posters in another thread that said some crap about me that I just don't need so I left for a week or so. Wasn't going to come back but I just HAD to read a few posts to see how everyone was coping and doing. You ALL sound like you are doing fine and are adjusting to this pain in the butt syndrome as you learn more about it. That's good. Like I said before, I haven't read ANY posts on here that resembled ALS symptoms. I am afraid of one poster on another site though and I really hope they are OK. Their symptoms don't sound too god and are pretty consistent with ALS or other nasty NMD's. God I hate seeing posts like that when you know something ain't right. That makes two posts that I have seen in almost two years of heavy reading and searching that actually did sound like ALS. ALL of the hundreds and hundreds of other posters sound like BFS, Fibro, maybe some mild MS here and there (that's not so bad these days) and a few odd but benign syndromes thrown-in that no one can "label". Anyway, thanks again everyone. I'm going to take it slower this time as I re-enter this site. Hope all of you are doing better and remember, with BFS time IS on your side... :-)

PostPosted: October 5th, 2002, 4:47 am
by tlotoxl
great to hear you're sticking around, arron!

PostPosted: October 5th, 2002, 6:15 pm
by Jen
Woo Hoo!!!! Welcome back :D

You're back

PostPosted: October 5th, 2002, 8:01 pm
by smitty
Thanks for coming back Aaron. I have been following this site anonymously for quite some time. Although I haven't seen a doc yet I am comforted by what I read. The twitches and other stuff can really devastate you mentally. When I start getting down I go to this site to get a reality check and it usually calms me down. I have had twitches for a little more than one year with no signs of muscle weakness so I think I may be a BFSer and not a ALSer. At least I hope to god I'm not. I am not ready to check out of the hotel just yet. If you know what I mean. Thanks again for coming back!

PostPosted: October 5th, 2002, 11:06 pm
by Nigel555
Great to see your staying mate

Best wishes Nigel

PostPosted: October 6th, 2002, 11:36 pm
by SusanSid
So glad you decided to come back :lol: