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More questions

Postby John on August 18th, 2003, 7:03 pm

After 10 months of twitching how long will this last? I am feeling better emotionally than I have in about two years .Is this realy like the Energiser Bunny and keeps going and going . Also is there any other drugs besides the Clonazepan that may be better .I can tell a difference with it but ,I don't know if I should try different things to try and find something better or just stick with what I am taking. I am 39 years old and have no other physical problems toher than BFS. I am taking Lexepro for depression .I have benn taking it the same amout of time that I have been taking the Clonazepan . They seem to go hand in hand . Just curious , Thanks again to every one that has answered my other post .

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Postby kim on August 18th, 2003, 9:05 pm

Hi John!

Hang in there. It took me almost a year to the day of noticing my first twitches before I found real relief. I am on Zoloft and Xanax. My eyes twitched first, then the rest followed about 3-4 months later. Soon after starting the meds (last Oct.) I noticed a decrease in the twitching, but I still was anxiety ridden, and it took several months of working on that to notice an even greater decrease. Even when I thought my life was virtually stress free, I would still twitch. But I did notice that as soon as I stopped given them any importance, they almost disappeared. I decided to ignore them, and try to forget they bothered me. The more I did that the less I had. The less I had, the less I thought about them, the less I twitched....ect.

Staying off the internet really helps me too. I probably shouldn't even be on this site, but I have grown to like many people here and care about what's going on with all of them. But coming here reminds me that I twitch, and then once in a while you read a "Carol" post and it could ruin months of hard "emotional" work. The less you are reminded, the better you will be.

At least, this has worked for me. I am not 100%, but I know I can get really close. I know for a fact that my anxiety makes it worse, and I can be my own worst enemy. So for now I have accepted that what I have is BENIGN, and I'm going to live a long and happy life. And should I have a bad day or two, I'll come here for comfort, or to get slapped back into shape by the countless others who are suffering this same BFS fate!

Choose to live happy!

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Postby SusanSid on August 18th, 2003, 10:51 pm

That was a nice post, Kim. I agree with you that being on the internet is dangerous, as it can undo any gain when you read a "Carol" post! I'm with you on that.
In regards to your question, John, how long does it last...the twitching. That's the million dollar question. I'm sure there are people out there who have had the twitches and they have stopped, but we don't hear about them because they don't need this website any longer. Then there are people like me, who have been doing this for some time, 21 months here, and wonder when it'll end.
I think it's such a complex condition that there may perhaps be many reasons that cause the fasciculations, but we may not know for a long time or ever know what the exact cause is. That's discouraging, huh!?
The worst part about it is the fear. It is like an anchor around the neck. Try and not let it get out of control.
I know for myself I have had periods where I don't even think about the twitches, obviously because they aren't bothering me, I'm not noticing, whatever. Then there are times when they are so intense and unrelenting I think something has been overlooked. That's when the doubt seeps in. Again, going through the worry stage only to again realize all is well.
I truly think this is the best website for this condition because of the awesome people on it. Just hang in there and learn along with us.
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Postby Pole on August 19th, 2003, 2:33 am

I also wonder when my twitches will be gone. But from the other side if I would be 100% sure that they are benign I may have them to the end of my life. No problem.
I've read in neurological student book that benign fasciculations may last weeks, months or years. In my case it's only 4,5 months so far.

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