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PostPosted: August 12th, 2003, 4:00 am
by Pole
Since yesterday I feel tickling (not tingling !) in my left palm and fingers.
I am afraid that it' due to very very very fine fasciculation. I look very carefully at my palm and fingers when I feel this tickling and I can't see any muscle movement (even very fine).

Anybody with the same?

PostPosted: August 12th, 2003, 4:36 am
by dwl
I've not had this, but if you have had a normal emg in this hand you don't have als!!!!!


PostPosted: August 12th, 2003, 4:51 am
by Pole
I had normal EMG, but not exactly in left palm.
Anyway, it's really strange feeling.

PostPosted: August 12th, 2003, 9:23 am
by lets twitch again
What you expierence might be a symptom carpal tunnel syndrom. I have both fasc. of my hands and carpal tunnel... both are unrelated. The fasc I noticed in my palm are the finest anywhere. (perhaps with the exception of my lips and feet)

PostPosted: August 13th, 2003, 2:06 am
by Pole
My fascics in palm are also the finest. Maybe it's because muscles in palm are quite small???


PostPosted: August 13th, 2003, 10:00 am
by DanielDK
Dzien Dobry Pole,

I believe there might be a connection between your sensations and the so-called Carpal-Tunnel syndsome. My father has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and was first diagnosed with BFS (I wad diagnosed second 8)).

Anyways, I also mean to say that the sensation you have in the palm of your hand, doesn´t necessarily have anything to do with BFS. I used to have a strange feeling in both my hands - especially in certain positions. And for instance, If I clapped my hands, for a whole hour or so afterwards, my palms wwould tickle.

Besides, getting ticklish and tingling sensations in the palm, and/OR around the mouth-area, is a C-L-A-S-S-I-C-A-L symptom of anxiety!

Best of everything,


PostPosted: August 14th, 2003, 2:04 am
by Pole
Czesc Daniel

Thanks for comment. Maybe it's really carpal tunel. How about your Polish girl-friend? What's her name?


PostPosted: August 14th, 2003, 11:15 am
by DanielDK
Hi Marcin,

Yes, I think you should get checked up for a potential carpal-tunnel...It´s a lot more common and widespread than people think - and most important of all, it´s no biggie ;)

Well thanks for asking, my girlfriends name is Agnes, or in polish, Agnieszka. However she is not really polish, but swedish, and only moved to Poland in 94´ after her father got a job connecting swedish enterprises with Poland and vice versa. She is actually coming to live wih me here in Cph. in a few weeks, after I finally found her an apartement and a job in a bagel-shop :)

Best of wishes,