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Anyone ever had trauma to a muscle that is twitching

PostPosted: May 21st, 2007, 10:52 pm
by sanfordsg
When i was 20 years old my left leg was pinched between the bumpers of two delivery trucks. it was right below the knee. Anyway i didnt break any bones but i had a slight tear in my hamstring and a very very severe contusion to my whole lower leg. u could say that my whole calve muscle was squashed. My whole leg swelled up 3 times its normal size. i was bed rfidden for about 3weeks. Ihad to go thru therapy and all that. Some doctors seem to think my calve twitches do to the trauma, which could make sense. Also i am 6ft4 and very thin. 180lbs only. my upper body looks good, very tone and defined but my legs look horrible all skin and bones in fact i cant even stand on my toes, no strength in my calves at all. wonder if the bfs has anything to do with having no strength in my calves.????? any thoughts