Scared of ALS or something like that....

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Scared of ALS or something like that....

Postby charity on July 29th, 2003, 11:27 am

I had a baby 6 wks ago. ABout 5 months into my pregnancy, I started having some off balance feelings and weak FEELINGS. I went to 2 neuros then and they did the in-office reflex and strength testing that they do. All was normal. There was no weakness, I just FELT like it.

This went on throughout the rest of my pregnancy and worsened somewhat about 3 weeks after I had him. Now, I have seen 2 ENT's, had balance testing and a brain MRI. Everything shows normal except mild inner ear problems causing the off balance feeling.

So now I am terrified I have ALS because I get twitches sometimes that may last a day or 2 and then vanish or move to another spot. Sometimes hands, upper arm, eyes, tongue once or twice, etc. Plus, I feel weak in my legs. Now, I am moving this week and have been lifting as well as swimming, so maybe that is the cause of the leg weak feeling. Both feel the same as do my hands. Everything is just plain tired.

Any thoughts? I am 30 years old.

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Postby dan123 on July 29th, 2003, 11:36 am


Sorry to hear you feel that way...Most of us in here had felt the same way you do. I am not a doctor but I know ALS is very rare and chances are you do not have it b/c you are only 30. One thing that was helped me alot is to relly on God to take the fears away...Also STAY away from ALS or other rare illness Website b/c it will not help. Even if you find 10 stories about people with similar sx, if you find a rare case where some one was dx with ALS after having one of the sx you have you will also think you have it...

God bless you. Hope this helps
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Postby Dale on July 29th, 2003, 12:13 pm

Good afternoon Charity,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

You mention in your post that "everything is just plain tired." Don't you think the fact that you just had a baby 6 weeks ago is causing this? Hey, I'm no mother, but if you are anything like my wife was after our babies, you're probably burning the candle at both ends. Up in the middle of the night feeding, changing diapers, etc.. You're probably running really low on sleep and that can cause a bunch of strange things to happen to your body. Have you had your iron level checked?

I'll bet once you settle into a routine & get caught-up on your rest, you'll be feeling 100% better! Congratulations again.


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Postby michelle2 on August 7th, 2003, 9:10 pm

Hi Charity!
I hope you are feeling better.
Just wanted to tell you that my BFS symptoms started postpartum too. The sleep deprivation did not help me to be "logical" about the twitching. I finally ended up on Zoloft and Ativan to help with the anxiety about the twitching which was really more impairing than the twitching. I've experienced dizziness, tingling, cramping, weak feelings, and of course twitching. 13 months later I still have twitching but it doesn't bother me. Continue with you're work up until you feel satisfied everything's okay. In the mean time if you think this is keeping you from enjoying that baby talk to your doc about antidepressent!
Good Luck!
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