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trouble swallowing

PostPosted: July 17th, 2003, 3:55 pm
Hi guys,
Just when I thought everything was okay, I feel like I cannot swallow or speak, I do not know why, but I had trouble swallowing today.
I still feel horrible, this is not how I am supposed to feel and this is really getting to me. I know I promised that I would be confident but I am having a really hard time doing this.


PostPosted: July 17th, 2003, 6:21 pm
by Floater

PostPosted: July 17th, 2003, 11:52 pm
by Jenn311

I think you are stressed out due to a lot of things: Your upcoming wedding, your fear if ALS, the fact that you didn't get the job you really wanted....Feeling like you are having trouble swallowing because of stress and anxiety is extremely common. I remember learning that in some psych class that it was common in people who experienced trauma as a child, such as a abuse or molestation. I remember as a child having a fear of choking (I had a rather traumatic childhood...). I wouldn't swallow anything unless I had a big gulp of liquid to chase it down. SOmetimes I still panic if I have to eat something but I don't have anything to drink...weird, but true!

You'll be fine in a few days. Just keep reminding yourself it's stress related.
Love ya, Jen

PostPosted: July 20th, 2003, 11:18 am
by uber
Kerri you are suffering from Globus Hystericus...period

Its not ALS, its not MS, its not PD, its not BFS its not anything apart from Anxiety...just accept it