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The world of self diagnosis

PostPosted: July 5th, 2003, 7:30 pm
by uber
Just had to say there is something ive learned about this stupid obsession trap ive become involved in over the last 4 month

Ignorance is bliss

And here is another thing you should all look into...when you research your symptoms on the many of you have been taking different anti-depressent medication over the past few months/years?? Try looking into a side effect you can develop called EPS...maybe some of you will find your answers there??

PostPosted: July 6th, 2003, 3:20 am
by alive
AMEN to that!!!

I was doing rather well before Carol's post came up. Now I'm hypermonitoring myself every time I swallow and I notice irregularities in the way I swallow. I'm also checking my throat for any possible dents. I'm completely ALS-focused again :( . It's now been 3,5 months since my twitches started and I'm nervous and afraid practically all of the time...

You are so right

PostPosted: July 6th, 2003, 8:03 am
I was amazed when I discovered some of the symptoms from Xanax it is almost worst then having BFS, they are tremors, twitches and a hole long line of symptoms, as well as an internal vibration, I have been on Xanax for a few months now and i think I am developing a tolerance.