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Could use some advice/help

PostPosted: June 24th, 2003, 4:24 pm
by spb
Hi there -

My leg pain is kind of getting to me. It's a dull ache that almost feels like the muscle is sore and then sort of a deep thud. I really don't have it so much when walking/exercising - but I have it when sitting and resting. I wake up with it in the morning.

I've posted before and appreciate your advice. I went to the gp last week who did a basic exam and thinks it's okay but wants an mri anyway to rule out MS. I had one 5 years ago.

I've had muscular aches before but never as steady as this (that's what bothers me - I've had it in the same place - inner quad and across the thigh) for a month now. Of course I am obsessing and checking for's scary.

Has anyone also had this sort of thing along with burning? I exercised today and perhaps this is also intolerance to exercise?

On top of that - I'm getting the lump in the throat. I hate this stuff.

Any advice and support is appreciated.


PostPosted: June 24th, 2003, 6:00 pm
by Floater
i had leg pain for no reason the other lasted for 2 days....both legs hurt so bad i couldnt sleep..i describe the feeling as ::: when your stretching your leg muscles to get flexable;;;; its that kind of pain i had while my legs were completely at also felt like there were ice cubes in my bone.. it sucked bad ...but it went away thank god

PostPosted: June 24th, 2003, 8:45 pm
by 25
I have posted so often about this very thing! Just go back and you'll see. I still get it off and on, it seems to come and go and the pain is like I've overdone it w/ exercising, when in fact I didn't exercise! It's more annoying than painful. Right at this moment I don't feel it in my legs but I feel it in both of my arms! Unreal! It almost seems like it's weakness but I think it's more of a fatigued feeling...

PostPosted: June 25th, 2003, 8:18 am
by spb
Thanks for the responses. The pain does feel as if I'd been exercising and had a pull but it also feels like a pulsating pain. It's weird and been going on for awhile. I tend to think this is a cramp but some other posts have led me to think that true cramping feels more like charley horses, etc. rather than continual dull pain.