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any of you ever suffer from myoclonus??

PostPosted: June 13th, 2003, 6:21 pm
by uber
just wondering if any of you suffer from this??? its that feeling when ur whole body just randomly feels like it jerks...i seem to get this a few times a day and in paticular when im sleeping at times....anybody else suffer from this??

PostPosted: June 14th, 2003, 4:47 pm
by tlotoxl
i seem to have been getting this pretty badly recently. today i dozed off in the bus for half a second and jolted to awake. i think i even grunted. it was a bit embarassing, but what can you do?

and now i've been up all night having been kepted awake by twitches and then some more jolts. what a pain. in the end i gave up and took a mild tranquilizer which tends to help me with the jolts, so hopefully i'll be sleeping soon.

PostPosted: June 14th, 2003, 8:27 pm
by Floater
myoclunus is common with bfs...i had it real bad at first its real mild ..i kinda like it. myoclonus is usually is caused a phycological kinda stressing out or anxiety...(putting your poor little mind through hell). klonopin will take care of it...but if you like it...i suggest not taking any medication for it.

PostPosted: June 16th, 2003, 11:40 am
by Arron
Yep, me too. I still get a limb jerks here and there, which is also known as a myoclonic jerks. It doesn't have to be the whole body.

nocturnal myoclonus

PostPosted: June 18th, 2003, 9:44 pm
by eric
I get the jerks every night and kolonopin sucks when you are on a bus and your body jerks but it could be worse .
on me at some point everything jerks. take the meds they help!