some benefit for all tounge twitchers!!

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some benefit for all tounge twitchers!!

Postby Günther on August 11th, 2006, 1:26 pm

I have read it already:

have had an appointment with one of the famoust neuromuscular specialist in germany.

Some benefit over again especial for the tounge-twitchers:

I told the doc, that i have a hot spot at my tounge since 1,5 years. I told him, that i can make twitch my tounge by streching them. Then i asked him: can i show you that? he laughs and said to me: You are speeking with me and i can understand you very good, so i am sure you are ok.

He told me, that tounge twitches are common in bfs, and the myth, that tounge twitches are a more concerning symptom is absoloutly not true. But many docs don´t know that.

He told me too, that a vibrating tounge during sticking out the tounge is normal. That is the reason, that the docs would look your tounge while they ist resting in the mouth.

furthermore he said: Many patients see idents at tounge when looking on it. But this normal. Everyone tounge is not absoloutly equable. When true atrophie on the tounge occour, weakness must there before.

finally he told me, that patients with bulbar als have first SEVERE problems with speach and swalloing. Fascis in als are the last stage, when they occur you are so sick, you DEFINETELY know what is up.


Please keep in mind: This are the answers of an famous neuromuscular specialist in hamburg / germany. he is working since many years in this
area and had seen many people with als and other nmd.

I have had an appointment with him, and i have shared the appointmind to asked many question i have read on this board, and respectively interest me.

I hope that helps! Sorry for my bad englisch!

Greeting Günther
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some benefit for all tounge twitchers!!



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